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Once a place where I kept track of my teaching as a Graduate Student, this is now home to my rants and raves as a teacher. I still have a lot to learn about teaching and about myself as a teacher. Here, I will document my journey, both the good and the bad, so I can successfully reflect on others' methods of teaching as well as my own. Enjoy!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Standardized Tests, Oh My!

Have you even been in a situation where you just mind-scream to someone, willing them to hear you? This is what proctoring standardized tests are like for me. If I were just able to say one thing, give a simple reminder or hint, encourage the student to check again, or go with their gut, I'm sure they could show more than the simple bubbled in answer shows.

The earliest recorded uses of standardized tests are from China, and throughout history, they have been used for many different purposes, as this brief TIME article can tell you. While this article speaks to the the SATs and ACTs, but at the elementary level, state tests can be the stressful equvilent to 7 year-olds. This teacher needs to do more research, as I'm sure there are benefits to standardized tests, right? I mean, I just finished the fifth of five state tests that allow me to get my teaching license, so there must be something to them...or I wouldn't still be taking them in my late twenties!

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