New Beginnings

Once a place where I kept track of my teaching as a Graduate Student, this is now home to my rants and raves as a teacher. I still have a lot to learn about teaching and about myself as a teacher. Here, I will document my journey, both the good and the bad, so I can successfully reflect on others' methods of teaching as well as my own. Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Official!

Today, I signed the papers and I am officially a third grade classroom teacher!

I went down to the school this week to check out my classroom and to talk with my new boss...AKA The Principal. We had some great conversations, and she is very open to creative thinking and planning when it comes to the curriculum. Within the next few weeks, I'll have to look closely at the state standards and get a feel for what I'm about to do!

Another reason I wanted to see the classroom is to take inventory of what I would need. It's a good size room, and I'll only have 16 students (HOORAY!), but the one thing that stood out among everything else that is missing was...A CLASSROOM LIBRARY!

I send this out as a plea to solicit book donations. I was given a small budget to purchase books, and I will do my best to stretch it as far as I can, so I'm not asking for money. What I am asking for is if you have kids' books that were once well loved, but now sit in a box (I know I do!), I would be happy to put them to good use - give them a second life!

I aspire my future classroom library to look like this one!

I'm looking for books that are 2 grade levels below 3rd grade, and 2 grade levels above 3rd grade. The best and quickest way to find out it to go to and type the title of the book in the search box. The book will come up with Interest Level, Grade Level Equivalent, and more. It's the Grade Level Equivalent you'll want to know, and I'll take anything that is grade 1-5. If you're not sure, just ask!

Thank you so much for your help in building my classroom library! It is so important for these kids to read, especially independently.

Because lists are a good thing:
1. DO NOT send money
2. Donate books that level from grades 1 through 5
3. Fiction and Non-Fiction books alike (I SPY and picture books welcome!)
4. If I end up with duplicates or more than I need (?? fingers crossed!), I will donate them to a local women's shelter or orphanage
5. Email me if you think you have books! :)

Thank you for your support, and here's to a better literate future for children!


  1. Jenn, I will go through and see what I can send you. I know I have at least a couple. Message me on facebook as to where you want them sent. Very proud of you, sweet girl!

    Lori Carr

  2. Congrats on your new job, I know you will have an amazing classroom!